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Levitation Singapore

Levitation Singapore

Locate Levitation: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Levitation Singapore

Levitation Singapore

Locate Levitation: School of the Arts

Locate Levitation: Pico Creative Centre

Video Musing

Explorations of video, data, mobile, motion and other online apis.
(Some scenes may be offensive. Viewers discretion needed)

A compilation of video projections

Sound by — Iannis Xenakis
Visuals — Compiled, inspired by the world.


Ever wondered what election talk looks like? Which party we like, which one we don’t like. How each constituency feels. Or even what’s being said at any time. Using semantic analysis, we turned the online buzz on the 2011 Singapore General Election into live 3D infographics.

I Am Singaporean

Singapore leads the world in Facebook use (apparently we spend more time than anyone else on the planet).

For the Singapore National Day, we decided to celebrate being Singaporean – every grumbly, gadget-mad, food-crazy, Singlish-speaking bit we share. Over 600,000 Singaporeans agreed.


Our first foray down the rabbit hole.

An attempt to explore human interactions in the common space in all government apartment blocks (we call them void decks). More often than not, we avoid the people who live around us, being more comfortable with our preconceptions.